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Access/egress procedures

The guards are trained to ensure that only those that meet the access control screening requirements are allowed access the offices and the terminal areas. They will also ensure that there is no intrusion by unauthorized persons to restricted areas.

Emergency procedures

The guards undergo training on how to timely and accurately respond to emergencies and disasters. They will also ensure that the environment is safe and does not pose any dangers to the employees and clients. Will also mitigate any forms of threat to your operations.

Searching procedures

Our guards will carry out thorough checks on all persons before allowing access to ensure that they conform to the security and safety procedures.


Our guards are trained in patrol procedures and will continuously patrol your premises and identify and mitigate any potential threat to security and safety.

Reporting and record keeping

The guards are well trained in incident reporting and record keeping. They are provided with an Occurrence Book, which they will complete on a daily basis. This will also be used to register movement of stocks in and out of the terminal.

First aid

The guards are trained in first aid and shall provide assistance in the assignment in case of need.

Fire safety

Our guards are thoroughly trained and exposed to fire fighting drills. They will also identify any objects or exposures that can cause fire and take appropriate measures immediately.


Our guards are thoroughly trained and enlightened with all types of explosives and

  • How to identify suspicious and/or unusual behavior.
  • Types of suspicious and unusual behavior and what they mean.
  • How to approach and question someone without offending them when suspicious behavior has been identified (Without offending a guest, visitor, customer etc.)
  • Reading body language.
  • How to react to an active shooter incident.
  • IED and VBIED awareness providing exposure to key elements of the improvised explosive device (IED) threat, surveillance detection methods and soft target awareness to help deter, prevent, detect and protect against an IED attack.
  • Suicide Bomber awareness and detection.