As the country's leading cash solutions company, we have the expertise and experience to provide efficient and secure cash-in-transit services, that can be tailored to meet the requirements of each of our customers.

These services are carried out by security professionals, who have undergone specialised training to meet high industry standards. Our vehicles are the most sophisticated and secure in the industry and are under constant surveillance by our National Control Centre.

The benefits of allowing PERK to transport your cash: 

  • The convenient collection and delivery of cash, saving you time and money
  • A reduction in risk and improved the safety for your customers and staff
  • Reduce the exposure of uninsured cash losses
  • Possible reductions in your insurance premiums
  • Possible reductions in your bank charges and the potential to earn more interest

Transporting cash and valuables needs to be performed within a secure framework. Every element of the process needs to be tried and tested and continually adapted to meet the changing circumstances.

G4S operates a fleet of fully-armoured vehicles equipped with electro-mechanical interlocking and immobilising systems all of which are tracked and monitored. e-Viper is the web-based solution that tracks and traces the bar-coded security bags that are transported in a variety of cross pavement carriers (CPCs) which are fitted with ink and dye technology that will stain the banknotes if the CPC is stolen or forced open. Your assets are securely monitored every step of the way.