High Quality Service

You require a professional security company that will provide high quality security services to your reputable organization. Perk Security is the company of choice and is dedicated to provide a seamless security solution to mitigate all security risks that may face your facility, staff and customers.

Access Control Services

Access Control services include; monitoring access at exterior control points (i.e. gates), maintaining logos, inspecting bags, packages and giving directions. Perk Security officers are trained and skilled in access control as well as in customer relations thus giving you an all rounded approach to security.

The scope of duty for this assignment includes: Security and safety procedures enforcement, protection of your property against fire, theft, vandalism, and illegal entry. Perk Security officers will enforce all the applicable rules to control entry of staff, suppliers, contractors, visitors and vehicles to the terminal

Other duties will include operating and monitoring alarm and closed circuit television systems, receiving visitors and giving information. They will also take appropriate action in emergency situations such as, safety hazards, sickness, accidents or other unusual situations.

Fire Detection and Fighting

Our guards are trained in fire fighting and detection of fires, explosions and other catastrophes. They will prevent their occurrence by close observation of buildings, plant and machinery, electrical equipment and personnel to identify unsafe conditions or activities.

They will also;

• Alert the sectional staff particularly the supervisor of the danger at hand

• Ensure fire-fighting appliances e.g. fire extinguishers are functional.

• Correctly use the right fire-fighting equipment to extinguish the fires

Perk Security has demonstrated proven expertise and capability in managing big Security contracts. Efficient and effective project management ensures that our client concentrate on their core business without compromising on security.

Perk Security guards will carry out the following tasks at your premises:

• Control access to/from site

• Conduct roving fire and safety foot patrols

• Carry out vehicle and personnel searches as required and agreed with the client

• Reporting and follow up of Loss Control aspects

• Reporting-The guards will:

      1. Maintain security log of all the valuables in the terminal yard visitors loading areas and seals
      2. Provide a summary of incidents to the Client each day, week and monthly report.